Best PC Games for Kids in 2019

Best PC Games for Kids in 2019

PC games are the best way to boost the hobbies and skills of the kid, whatever they want to become artist, mathematician or writer. The PC game which is best for kids is the one which helps the kid in stimulating the mind of the kid, educate and to generate the curiosity to know different things. Here are the details and names of such games which are best for the kids to enhance their skills.

2019 is an amazing year for the games of kids. Many games came this year which a kid should play. Such games are likes by the kids such as puzzle games or animal games.

Best PC Games for kids:

Following are the best PC games for kids which kids should play to enhance their learning and skills.

  • LEGO Worlds( overall best game)
  • Spore( best game for creativity)
  • Clue Finders Math Adventures( Best game for improving Maths)
  • Typing Instructor for Kids (Best game to improve typing skills)
  • Planet Coaster( Best game for Fun)
  • Barbie: Island Princess( Best for kids who like Barbie)

LEGO Worlds:

The franchise of LEGO is one of the most famous franchises among kids. Warner Brothers have created this game for the kids where they can build anything and explore whatever they want to explore. In this game, kids can explore some randomly created worlds. And build all kind of LEGO creations. This is the best game for kids to do their adventures. It is the sandbox game it will encourage the kids to explore the world. By playing this game kid will never get bored they will be entertained by the game and learn many things from the game such as adventure, exploring the world and many more. So this is an interesting game for kids to play.


It is one of the most creative games for kids.  It allows creating their imaginary animal creatures. This allows kids to design them and help them to learn the civilizations of the animals they have created or imagined. It is the best game for those kids who have very creative imaginations. It is all about the personalization of the kid. In this game, kids will get the details of the creation they have created. Details mean that whether the animal is herbivore or carnivore or omnivore, their body parts and many other things. So this game is very informative and creative for the kids.

Clue Finders Math Adventures:

Clue Finder Math Adventure is a very good game for kids. It is about interactively solving maths problems. In this game, there are a group of young adventurers in the Himalayas. It is for the kids of the age 10-13. This includes the problems of math like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and some sort of geometry. The best thing about the game is that it improves the skills of the kid and it also enhances the mathematic abilities of the kid. It consists of about 50,000 math problems. It also contains many word problems, shapes and fractions. It also gives a progress report of the kid to the parent.

Typing Instructor for Kids:

Typing instructor game is best for those kids for those whom you want to make them learn about typing accurately and faster. It is available in English and Spanish so it helps kids to learn these both languages. It teaches kids with step to step lessons, challenges tests and small games to play and learn. It contains about 30+ challenges. Children playing this game will learn to type in different ways. It is for the kids of the age 6 to 11. It gives a typing plan with different games. It provides progress charts and certificates if the progress of the kid is good. So this is an interesting game for kids to play.

Planet Coaster:

This game is for those kids who have very well imagine skills and those who love creating different things. It gives kids the control of their theme park. Kids will design that theme park according to their own will. They will also design their roller coaster by piece by piece construction of the different parts of the roller coaster. In the start, the game gives full instruction about how to create and manage everything. After making the coaster the guest will react on that too and give their feedback about the coaster. They can ride on the coaster with the first person. They can take some time to learn as well.

Barbie: Island Princess:

For the kids who love Barbie, this is the best game to play. This game is followed by 28 different other small games to play for kids. This game is about the princess who is adventuring from the island to the castle of the prince. It will let you dress up your princess according to your style and choice. You can dress her in jewellery, dresses and shoes. Then you have to win 12 roses from the island by playing different games. It has great graphics and visuals to play beautifully. Those roses you will collect will enable you to unlock different dresses, shoes, and other jewellery items for your princess. So this is an interesting game for kids to play.


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