Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is probably the best video game in the market today. The game has much more interesting features and interface as compared to other games in the market. The attractive interfaces and friendly gaming environment just makes this game more dominant in the market. The game like its ancestor game Clash of Clans has millions of download in few years just after its release. This  game has added a potential revenue of $1 billion in the company’s overall growth and revenue. The attraction and simplicity is just outstanding. This might be the reason, the game is being loved by people of different ages. The game is being played by kids, girls, professors, atheletes and all those people from different fields of work. Lets us take a look at the introductory part of this game. I mean who published and when it was published.


With the name suggesting that this game might be from the family of one of the most popular game “Clash of Clans”. The clash of clan is also a strategy video game, which has reached the maximum height of success. Let us get back to the Clash Royale. The game is developed by one of the most popular developers Supercell.  The supercell is known for delivering the best games in the market. Most of the games from the company have dominated the gaming market by a huge mark. Clash Royale from Supercell is also video game. Moreover, you can also term this game as the card game. The cards can be collected by different means in the game. The game was released in March 2016. In less than one year after its release, the game has received a lot of success and generated billions of revenue within one year. This game is a multiplayer game that allows you to play this game with your friends and family. The game is also strategy game that constitutes following elements:

  • Real time strategy
  • Tower Defense
  • Trading Cards
  • Online battle arena

Due to a lot of success in the few years, the game has received numerous international awards. The awards just enhances the success rate of this game. Like the other apps from Supercell, this game can be played on different platforms including the iOS and Android. The game can be downloaded from numerous platforms including the most popular Google Play Store, App Store Apple and the So all of these ways allow you to install the game on your device.


The game is featuring some awe inspiring features that allows you to admire this game. The game provides beautiful interface and user friendly environment to play the game without any problem. You will require some medium level internet connection in order to play this game. The game is addictive but it won’t require your precious time in excess. The game is providing you following  features that amazes you during play:

Sign up / Login:

One of the basic thing that you need to understand is that this game allows you to create your account by simply loggin in either through your Google account or your Facebook account. If you connect your Facebook account, you information will be fetched for letting you to play the game with your facebook friends. You can also play against your frinds.

Upgrade Cards:

The cards are unclocked by opening chests. The game provides you coins and cards that will used while playing a particular match either in war or in single or multiplayer battles. You can sum 6 cards in a deck and can upgrade them depending upon their level and coins you have.

Unlock Chests:

First let me clarify you that how you can get chests in the game. There are different ways to get chests in the game. The chests can be purchased via gems or you can just get some free chest accordingly. The chests are also awarded you when you win particular match.

Unlock new cards:

The cards are basis of this game. The cards are used to assist you during your match either with or against your friends. The cards can be upgraded with coins depending upon their level. You can purchase cards from store as well. The higher the level of cards, the more the success rate for you in particular match.

Play with friends:

As this game is multiplayer game, you can play this game with your friends and family any time. For playing this game with your friends and family you can either use your facebook login or you can just add some one as a friend in the game.

Play wars:

Wars are one of the most important features of the game that make this game more attaractive and entertaining. The wars are started by the leader and co leader of the clan. The war has 2 days. One day is for collection of card and the other for playing match with opponents. The best part is that you only get one chance in the war to win or loose the match. But, sometime you will get another bonus war match chance as well.


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