Cooking Games for PC

Cooking Games for PC

Many people like to play cooking games. Especially women like to play cooking games because they like cooking food. These games are best for those who love food. There are many games which are especially based on the management of the restaurant and their recipes’. There are also further categories of cooking games such as cooking games, restaurant games and baking games.

Cooking Games:

Following are some cooking games:

  • Overcooked 2
  • Cooking Simulator
  • Battle Chef Brigade

Overcooked 2:

Overcooked 2 is a cartoon chef game. The main aim of this game is to complete the orders given by the customers. These orders should be fulfilled by using a various ingredient, gadgets and utensils present in the kitchen. By the way, it is not that simple. The difficulty increases after every level. You have to prepare every dish in a standard kitchen. For example, while taking multiple pizza orders you have to burn a hot air balloon. It requires teamwork and communication with your team. It has a lot of new features from a previous game.

Cooking Simulator:

Cooking Simulator is a serious cooking game. In this game, you can learn how to cook in a top range kitchen. The career mode let you made your reputation. You can unlock new and exciting recipes for cooking. You should have all the recipes that you could need for cooking. It can seriously improve your cooking skills. The kitchen of the game has a lot of ingredients and kitchen equipment’s to enhance your kitchen abilities. The possibility to mess up things is high.

Battle Chef Brigade:

This cooking game has been added into the most beautiful hand-drawn different style cooking game. You have a hunt to get your ingredients to cook food and you had to catch the ingredients before you could take them to the kitchen. The better ingredient you can get the better dish you will end up making. You have to keep yourself safe against a monster which could be present at different locations and you can match three puzzles to win this contest. This is one of the best cooking game to play.

Restaurant Games:

Following are some restaurant games:

  • Chef: A restaurant tycoon game.
  • Cooking Dash

Chef: A restaurant tycoon game:

It is a restaurant management game more than a cooking game. It has a customized chef and different new styles that can be applied to the restaurant. There are many recipes used to cook a new sort of food and enhance the menu of the restaurant. This allows you to make the best burgers. As you clear different stages your skills enhance and your menu also enhances and more people will come to your restaurant. It is about having a balanced price of the dishes you are offering in your restaurant. It is quite a difficult task to perform.

Cooking Dash:

It is a restaurant management game based on Kooky story that can be delivered as the comic strip. It has the old animation style that has a satisfying level design that will keep you hooked. It increases the difficulty level as it progresses. It is the most relaxing cooking game to play.

Baking Games:

Following are some baking games:

  • Cake Mania main street
  • Cookie Clicker

Cookie Mania main street:

If you like baking and you like sweet food then Cake Mania Main Street is the best game for you. It represents the role of Jill that will expand across the main street allowing the main shops and new attractions in the town. It will only happen through baking and cooking. You can unlock new levels and deal with new customers will be difficult for you to play. This game is more about time management. It consists of funny dialogues, interesting levels and amazing treats.

Cookie Clicker:

It is one of the best baking game for PC. Cookie Clicker. If you like to bake cakes or cookies and want to spend time on clicking cookies to gain awards then you are more than welcome to play this game. This game depends on clicks to move forward. When you each click gives you a cookie then your progress depends on hire cooking making grandmas and grow fields of cookies. All the processes in the game are really interesting.

Upcoming Cooking Games:

Following are some upcoming cooking games:

  • Bakery Simulator
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious 3?

Bakery Simulator:

It is one of the most reality-based baking game. This game will require to master all the baking skill to become a master baker. It involves using and measuring all the required ingredients. And using dangerous and difficult baking appliances and try to navigate those instruments. It is also a restaurant management game that involves all the techniques and requirement to manage a restaurant. It is about learning different things to make and learn how to manage the restaurant.

Cook, Serve, Delicious:

The third part of this cooking series game is planned to release on the date of January 2020. In this game, you will travel by your food truck to take part in the Nation Food truck Championship. It will focus on street food in the competition. 



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