Cricket Games

Cricket Games

Cricket is one of the best ground games in the world. The game is being played in almost all parts of the world. Therefore, there are billions and billions of cricket fans all around the world. Cricket ranks itself in one of the best games that allows you to enjoy the sound health. Being one of the best games on the world, the online video versions of this game are there in the market. The video games of Cricket has been in large numbers as published thousands of third party game developers on the internet. The games are being published on various platforms for reaching out to more people around the world. The games are available for every single person to download and enjoy. The games provide some similar functionality as like the real cricket game. All the procedures and rules are same. The main difference is between all of the online games is the quality of graphics. Obviously the game with higher graphics or resolution will be requiring more specifications and features that your smartphone should have. Moreover, the basic thing that your mobile phone should contain is minim RAM to let the game run smoothly. Moreover, a fast internet connection will be key in this regard. So, a fast internet connection and enough features and specifications will make your life easy. As you all know that cricket has produced a lot of super star from every country. The stars are still spending their time for betterment of this game. Similarly, the game contains superstar players and commentators as well for providing you hefty entertainment. Let us get started with the introduction of game.


As you all know that there are number of cricket games in the market. So, we are not going to describe each of them briefly in this detailed blog. The game, which will be discussed in detail is Cricket 19. The cricket 19 is one of the most trending games in the market. It is a 2019 cricket video game that is being developed by the Big Ant studios. The Big Ant Studios collaborated with the Maximum Games. The game is said to be an official version of the Ashes series that was played in the current year. Moreover, it is also regarded as the upgraded version of Maximum Games. The game was officially released on MAY 28, 2019 especially for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo switch. The game is welcomed by large number of people around the globe. Moreover, the best part about this game is that you can play this game solely and even with your friends and family.


The game is being known for providing the best features just like top quality games in the market. The game is relatively all about the ashes series. If you do not know about the ashes series then let me elaborate you about it. Ashes is one of the most popular cricket series in the cricket history. Ashes series is being played between England and Australia every year. Both the teams have good cricket rivary that makes this game more interesting to watch.  Let us get back to the features this game is offering:


Being one of the best cricket game in the market, we can assume that this game is delivering high graphics with perfect frame rate. You may know that the games with high graphic ratios tend to dominate the market as compared to its competitors. As the game delivers high graphics therefore, you will need high spec device that has the ability to handle high resolution. And, in return you will be able to enjoy the game seamlessly.

Match Format:

Match format is quite similar just like all other series that are being played in cricket. The game include matches of all format including test matches, ODI matches and T20 matches. The team are bound to play all the matches to complete the series.  The test match is a 5 day match that contains two innings of each team. The result of the test match either appears in middle of test or at the 5th day of the match depending upon the performance and dominance of one team or both team.  The ODI format contains 50 overs, where one team should to bat first and provide an heft total according to their skills in 50 overs. And, the other team is required to chase that target down within 50 overs for winning a match. Whereas, the T20 game contains 30 over and all other rules as well as procedures are same. The winner of series is determined on the basis of most ODI, T20 and Test match wins in that particular series.


Players are one of the most important genres that make this game more attractive. The game developers allow you to pick up your favorite player that can play in the series. Both teams should have 11 players in order to play the match. The players combination heavily depends on you, what combination you need to user for winning game.

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