Empire Four Kingdoms

Empire Four Kingdoms

Video games for mobile phones have been making their way to the market for giving tough competition to the existing competitors. Most of the popular games have been dominating the gaming market for the couple of years. The games are being loved by billions of users all around the world. The main reason behind the success of all video games is the availability or you can say compatibility with smartphones. The games are delivering amazing features with vast compatibility options. The game are known for providing the utmost entertainment to the end users. The absolute entertainment enhances the success rate of video games that are available to be played on mobile phones. Empire Four Kingdom is one of those successful video games that have entertained millions of users all around the world. The game can be played by more than one persons at a time but you will be requiring different  login accounts for this purpose.


The Empire Four Kingdom is more like a strategy game. The game can be called as war game in similar manner. The game was released back on March 12, 2013.  Since its release, the game has been receiving success with the passage of time. Although, the success rate of this game is bit steady but the revenue earned by the game is beyond your expectation. The game is generation millions of dollar per day or per week depending upon the feature that it releases every time with the new update. The game is being published by the Goodgame Studios. The studio is the founding father of the game or you can say that as a developer. The game is available to be played on different platforms. The users on different platforms including the iOS and Android can enjoy this game. However, if you want to enjoy this game then there are different platforms that allows you to install this game on your device. The best part is that you can play this game on your laptop or personal computer as well. The game is available for you to download from the Google Apple Store. Moreover, if you want to play this game on your laptop or personal computer, then you need to install the bluestack application on your device. After you have downloaded the Bluestack. You will have an option to install the game from playstore that can be accessed on Bluestack. Moreover, if both of these platforms are not accessible for you. Then you can just visit the official website of Good game studios, there you will be able to install the game on your device. The game is being considered as the trending video game that is available on the playstore. There are millions and millions of downloads that this game is constituting. The game has received much success in previous years. However, if you love to play the action games such as The Players Unknown Battle, then this game might not be a perfect fit for you. The game is strategic game, therefore, you will have to play this game with patience.


There are number astonishing features that this video game is providing you. The game allows you to play with millions or thousands of users all around the world. The amazing features allow  you to remain alive in the game for the longer period of time. The game requires you to spend more than 12 hours of day. The attraction of game won’t let you leave this game so easily. Until unless, something unfortunate happens to you in the game. Here are the features that you can avail in the game.

Join or build alliance

 Well, alliances are one of the basic aspects behind the success of this game. The alliance of 65 members at this time. But the level of alliance need to be upgraded with the passage of time. The lowest level of alliance is 1 and it varies maximum to 50. The level of alliance is upgraded with glory points that is being received by attacking camps in particular event.

Build you castle

The most basic and important part of your gaming environment. You will have to build you castle from 0 to 70 first. And then the level on legendary sides are being pushed to 800. You will be required to complete the levels in order to progress further and make yourself powerful.

Build your Outpost

Along with the castle, the game allows you to build maximum of three outposts. You can build outposts at different times after you reaches particular level and build specific building for that. The outpost allows you to have similar functionality that you can perform in the main castle.

Develop three other kingdoms

There are total of four kingdoms in the game. The main one is Green, where you are landed initially. The other kingdoms are as follows:

  • Winter Kingdom
  • Desert Kingdom
  • Fire peaks kingdom

In these three kingdoms there are no outposts but villages. Moreover, there are Non Player Towers aka NPCs that can be attacked for resources such as wood, stone, coins, food and other rare resources.


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