Fortnite: The best war game

Fortnite: The best war game

In the current era, the success rate of online video games has been increased a lot. The games are being appreciated by large number of people all around the world. As you all know that the video games of different kinds are available in the market. Most of the online video games have dominated the gaming market by a huge mark. This is the reason, in the 21st century, the video games have added a huge revenue in the total revenue of game developers in the market. Moreover, you might have experienced the most trending games nowadays including the PUBG. PUBG is a video game that has been receiving a lot of success with the passage of time. This game is more like a battle royal game. It is one of the most played battle royal game that is played in the current century. This game is being published by the PUBG Corporation. The PIBG Corporation is basically a South Korean Video game company that is being named as Bluehole. This game was first officially released on March 23, 2017. Similarly, the war games have also dominated the gaming market by a huge mark. The war games are being loved by most of the people around the globe. As a whole, the numbers reaches billions if we take a look at the fans of war game in the current century. Due to huge demand of war games, no of different games are being published and each of them have been offering amazing features and specifications. The war games are now getting maximum profit of the gaming market. So, here in this detailed blog, I will be explaining the most popular war games, Fortnite. So, let us get started with Fortnite details.


As cited above that the war games are considered as most suitable games for people of different ages all around the world. Fortnite is war games that have inspired more war game lovers around this globe. Fortnite is one of the best online video games that are available in the market. It also ranks in those games, which are providing the best features as well as best graphics as compared to its competitors in the market. The game is being played by billions of users all around the world. It is an online video game that is being developed and designed by Epic Games. The game made its debut back in 2017 and has earned a lot of its success after its release. The game comes with number of different gaming modes. All the gaming modes are being considered as one of the most important and basic features of Fortnite. The best part about this game is that it allows you to play this game on numerous platforms including the Xbox One, macOS , Playstation 4, Windows and numerous other platforms. The game is determined to provide you utmost entertainment as compared to its competitors available in the market. Additionally, the developers have also developed the game for iOS and Android users. We will be discussing the gaming modes in the later paragrapgh, let us discuss some important details. Due to huge success, this game has also received a lot of international awards. This is the reason, this game is being played in every part of the world. Let us discuss the gaming modes that are available in the market.

Fortnite: Save the World

The game mode is one of the most loved gaming mode of Fortnite. This gaming mode can be defined as the player versus environment game that constitutes only four players.The players will have some common objective to complete in particular mission. The game starts when a sudden fluke storm just appears around the earth. In the start, maximum of the population on earth, almost 98% of the total population on earth eliminated. And, the population that survives will have to face the Zombies.

Fortnite Battle Royale:

This mode is more like versus battle. The players will have to play against each other. There are almost 100 players in the game. All of the players will have to play for theirself. Just like the Players Unknown Battle ground the players are being dropped from the battle bus flying in the air. The battle bus just flies thorugh the entire map and the players will have an option to drop at their desired area. It is not mandatory for every player to jump at one particular area. The players will then have to pick the weapons in order to win the entire game. The player that stands last wins the game.

Fortnite Creative:

This gaming mode is more like a sandbox gaming mode. In this mode, the players will have enough authority to build or develop anything. They can create anything on that particular island. The players can build the following things easily:

  • Battle arenas
  • Race Courses
  • Platforming challenges

There are numerous other things that you can build easily depending on your skills. Moreover, you can also convert them to battle royale  in an area named as The Block or Creative HUB.




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