PUBG: The Players Unknown Battleground

PUBG: The Players Unknown Battleground

The players Unknown Battleground is one of the most popular video games of the current era. The people have been playing this game for more than dozens of hours in a particular day. The Players Unknown Battleground is commonly known as PUBG.  More than billions of users have been playing PUBG all around the world. This game has been earning a lot of success as the time passes. The game has been banned by most of the countries all around the world because of its success and sheer damages that are being caused by this game. Most of the low aged kids have been playing this game for several months and therefore, this game is causing a lot of negative impact on their lives. Let us see what impacts, this game is causing:

  • The game affected has affected the daily routines of kids

  • Their studies got disturbed
  • Their workout routine is affected due to game
  • Health remains a big concern for them

So, these are the impacts that have been affecting the lives of different ages. So, this is one of the main reasons that technology is becoming dangerous for the lives of people all around the world.


Here in this section, we will be presenting to you the details of one of the most popular game in the world. Of course I am hinting about PUBG. As you all know that this game is widely loved by billions of users all around the world. Generally, PUBG is a video game that has been receiving a lot of success with the passage of time. This game is more like a battle royal game. It is one of the most played battle royal game that is played in the current century. This game is being published by the PUBG Corporation. The PIBG Corporation is basically a south Korean Video game company that is being named as Bluehole. This game was first officially released on March 23, 2017. At its release, this game is widely loved by millions of users around the globe. The Designer of this popular game is Brendan Greene and the game is being composed by Tom Salta. If we take a deeper look, the game is also developed by some co companies as well. The company who owned this game most is Tenecent game. All other companies include the Xbox Game Studios and Krafton.


Yes, this is one of the main basic things that demonstrates the popularity and success of particular game. So same is the case here. The stunning features of this popular game just enhances the creativity and entertainment, it delivers to its users.  The amazing features are as follows:

  • Battleye integration
  • There are four maps for you to play in
  • It is a multiplayer game that allows you to play with your friends and family.
  • It cleverly depicts destruction, bullet travel, bullet drop, assaults, attachment and much more.
  • You can spectate the members of your team and even you can also spectate your opponenets.
  • You can customize weapon as well as character
  • The game allows you to eject from the plane
  • The best part is that you can disconnect the game you left previously.

These are some limited features that have ben mentioned above. There are large number of features that you might know about his game. However, there are dozens of new features that will be making their way to the game in near future. You will be able to enjoy those features in the forthcoming updates.


As you know everything about this popular game. As cited above, the game was being introduced early in 2017. Since its release, the company has received a lot of success. At the current time, the game has more than billion of active users all around the world. The game is bit heavy and therefore, you will require a heavy speed internet connection in order to enjoy the game seamlessly. Well, if your game fluctuates then you need to take a look at your internet speed.  The popularity of this game solely depends upon the stunning feature being provided by this game. Most of the stunning and awe inspiring features of this game are being mentioned in the above section. The game provides simpler interface and entertaining features. These are the basic features that are the basis for success of any game or any application that is receiving a lot of success. The game allows you to login through different options. I mean you will be entertained with number of login options. Some of them are as follows:

Login with Facebook:

Facebook is considered as one of the basic login feature that is being added by every game developer. Moreover, it is more easy for the end user to login with their Facebook profile. Then the game is allowed to use the information of user residing on the social media platform. The game will fetch user details and all other basic information including the profile photo that is published on your profile.

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