Remote Server Administration and Maintenance

We monitor your server's various services like Apache, DNS and free disk space whenever necessary. If any service stops on the server, we will login and restart the service (provided we have the shell access). Our administration is categorized as

One Time Installation

  • Server Migration
  • Performance Tuning of Linux Servers
  • Setting up DNS
  • Setting up Mailserver(Sendmail, Exim, PostFix)
  • APF / CSF Firewall Installation
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Hardening Server
  • VPS Server Setup & Deployment
  • Dedicated Server Setup & Deployment
  • Installation and Configuration LAMPP server
  • Installation and Configuration of Web Applications/Languages/Components (Perl, PHP, ASP.NET etc)
  • Custom Software Installation and Configuration
  • Server Performance Optimisation
  • Configuration of Backups
  • Control Panel Migrations
  • Custom Kernel Compiling and Upgrades - Grsec /other Kernel Patching
  • Server Load Monitoring and Health Checkup
  • Install RFX Network Tool
  • Install and Configured Nfs and Samba
  • Install Server Reporting and Monitoring tools like Nagios, cacti and MRTG
  • Applying Security patches using yum and rpm and tar.
  • Install all 3rd party tools upon requirement. (ffmpeg, rdesktop, ioncube, Eacelleartor, Zend Opimizer etc.)
  • Installing intrusion / hack detection tools.(rhhunter, chkrootkit)
  • Install and troubleshoot rpm packages.
  • Recompilation of PHP/Apache/Mysql/Kernel
  • Network Configuration on servers.(Add IP address, Set Hostname, Dns entry, gateway)
  • Securing / tmp directory
  • Kernel tuning with sysctl

Periodic Installation Maintenance

  • Server & Upgrades
  • Implementing Firewalls using IPCHAINS and IPTABLE
  • Administration of MySQL Database Server
  • Backup Configured using rsync
  • Brute Force Detection
  • Automated Tasks (Cronjob)
  • Server Monitoring (Uptime/downtime) using 3rd party Software and Manual
  • Spammer lockdown Per Incident

Non Periodic Installation Maintenance

  • Software Installation in remote servers
  • Tweaking and performance tuning of webserver
  • MySQL Database Administration
  • Load Balancing of web servers
  • Apache Rebuild
  • PHP Rebuild
  • Troubleshoot DNS issue and Configuration change like MX, NS, CNAME Records
  • Troubleshoot mail server problems
  • Troubleshoot ftp problesms
  • Investigating hacking attempts
  • ssl installation for website's / mailservers.
  • Backup/Restore of Server and Websites
  • Network/Bandwidth Monitoring (MRTG)
  • Setting up of Apache with SSL Support
  • Checking complete security
  • Checking application functionality
  • Audit server logs
  • Installation and Configuration of Various Log File Analysers (AwStats, Webalizer, etc.,)
  • Install cPanel
  • Install Fantastico
  • Install RVSkin

Supported Flavours

  • VPS : Virtuozzo VPS and openVZ
  • Web Mail Clients: Squirrel mail etc
  • Supported Flavors: RHEL, Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOS, Suse, Debian etc
  • Supported Control Panel: Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, Webmin

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