Server Administration

Remote Server Administration and Maintenance

Our team monitors your server’s various services, including Apache, DNS, and free disk space on an as-needed basis. If any service stops working properly, we will log in and attempt to restart the service (assuming we have shell access). We categorize our administration as follows:

List of Remote Server Administration or RIM

  • One Time Installation
  • Periodic Installation Maintenance
  • Non Periodic Installation Maintenance

One Time Installation

  • Server Migration
  • Performance Tuning of Linux Servers
  • Setting up DNS
  • Setting up Mailserver(Sendmail, Exim, PostFix)
  • APF / CSF Firewall Installation
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Hardening Server
  • VPS Server Setup & Deployment
  • Dedicated Server Setup & Deployment
  • Installation and Configuration LAMPP server
  • Installation and Configuration of Web Applications/Languages/Components (Perl, PHP, ASP.NET etc)
  • Custom Software Installation and Configuration
  • Server Performance Optimisation
  • Configuration of Backups
  • Control Panel Migrations
  • Custom Kernel Compiling and Upgrades – Grsec /other Kernel Patching
  • Server Load Monitoring and Health Checkup
  • Install RFX Network Tool
  • Install and Configured Nfs and Samba
  • Install Server Reporting and Monitoring tools like Nagios, cacti and MRTG
  • Applying Security patches using yum and rpm and tar.
  • Install all 3rd party tools upon requirement. (ffmpeg, rdesktop, ioncube, Eacelleartor, Zend Opimizer etc.)
  • Installing intrusion / hack detection tools.(rhhunter, chkrootkit)
  • Install and troubleshoot rpm packages.
  • Recompilation of PHP/Apache/Mysql/Kernel
  • Network Configuration on servers.(Add IP address, Set Hostname, Dns entry, gateway)
  • Securing / tmp directory
  • Kernel tuning with sysctl

Periodic Installation Maintenance

  • Server & Upgrades
  • Implementing Firewalls using IPCHAINS and IPTABLE
  • Administration of MySQL Database Server
  • Backup Configured using rsync
  • Brute Force Detection
  • Automated Tasks (Cronjob)
  • Server Monitoring (Uptime/downtime) using 3rd party Software and Manual
  • Spammer lockdown Per Incident

Non Periodic Installation Maintenance

  • Software Installation in remote servers
  • Tweaking and performance tuning of webserver
  • MySQL Database Administration
  • Load Balancing of web servers
  • Apache Rebuild
  • PHP Rebuild
  • Troubleshoot DNS issue and Configuration change like MX, NS, CNAME Records
  • Troubleshoot mail server problems
  • Troubleshoot ftp problesms
  • Investigating hacking attempts
  • ssl installation for website’s / mailservers.
  • Backup/Restore of Server and Websites
  • Network/Bandwidth Monitoring (MRTG)
  • Setting up of Apache with SSL Support
  • Checking complete security
  • Checking application functionality
  • Audit server logs
  • Installation and Configuration of Various Log File Analysers (AwStats, Webalizer, etc.,)
  • Install cPanel
  • Install Fantastico
  • Install RVSkin

Supported Flavours

  • VPS : Virtuozzo VPS and openVZ
  • Web Mail Clients: Squirrel mail etc
  • Supported Flavors: RHEL, Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOS, Suse, Debian etc
  • Supported Control Panel: Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, Webmin